Don’t Buy From China

Here’s why…


If “cheap” is the word, then the radios are made that way. Most of the time, they will fall apart sooner than you expect. What will you do then? Ship them back to China? is there someone you can talk to? Do you speak Chinese?

FCC Licensed

Yes, we know, most radios sold here are also made in China, but they are FCC licensed. They follow the regulations. They are inspected by FCC laboratories to ensure they are safe. Our dealer will program the radios for you – and if you have a problem, just pick up the phone to get the problem solved. Oh, and they speak good English, too!


Most times these radios are not FCC licensed meaning, if you operate them in your business, you are breaking the law – loud and clear!


Think about the materials these radios are made of, are they safe for human use? Are they causing cancer? If they are not inspected and licensed by the FCC, why take the risk?


Radiation is a huge concern. What is the level of radiation? The FCC limits the UHF radios to 4 watts for a reason. Higher radiation is dangerous. If the radios are attached to the body for 8 hours, are they safe? Can they cause any harm?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line – consider the COST, not the PRICE!

Think About This

Just a thought. When you buy from China, does the price risk really justify all the risks mentioned here? Is the only important factor the PRICE? It will cost much more if you experience a problem. That’s the nature of cheap products!